Old School Memories and support at this Time of the COVID Restrictions

Old School Memories and support at this Time of the COVID Restrictions


Over the weekend my niece sent me a Facebook message containing a postcard I had sent her from my travels in 1993.  It made me reflect that this was a time when we were thrown back much more onto on own inner resources and internal devices, than until quite recently we were used to.  It seems that 2020 and COVID has changed much of that.  Yet we can learn from this time and for some of us from our younger selves. 

Second time around for the restrictions is exhausting and many of us report feeling frustrated, angry, and overwhelmed.  My simple premise is that we all have done this once, and we can do it again.  Self-care and care for others is the key. We all need to press our daily refresh button and be purposeful about each and every day during the Lockdown.  Thankfully for those on Mental Health Plan, the government has announced 10 extra sessions of counselling starting on the 7th of August and going through to March 2021.  Your GP can assist you with this.

 Some Tips for Living Lockdown Style:

  • Put the reflective brakes on and literally take a Breather;
  • Create “The Me time in the We time of family in working and schooling from home;
  • Have a project to focus on, this might be as simple as getting through day by day or it might be developing a fully blown side-hustle;
  • Find ways to have daily positive social interactions outside your immediate family circle;
  • Shift the focus and choose something each day that you are grateful for and something that might have made you smile, even if you don’t feel like
  • Take the opportunity to do the exercise we are allowed
  • Journal
  • Do something each day that makes you feel accomplished, and encourage your children to do the same.

This is Day one of one day – a time we when are creating our own old School memories.

 If you think that this is a time for a bit of additional support for yourself or your children, Telehealth is an effective, fun and efficient way to experience support at this time.  I am an experienced Clinical Mental Health Social Worker and Family Therapist, who has worked with children, families and Schools, both here and overseas.  If you are a bit sceptical about Telehealth give it a go!  The results for you and your children might really surprise you. Contact me today and find out more.